Retail, Wholesale & International

NutriTails retail sales channel is designed to cater to retail pet stores who seek high-quality products for sale to their customers. NutriTails makes our products available to select retailers, both physical and online and reasonable MOQs for small independent retailers as well as capacity to support large, nationwide ordering and fulfillment.

NutriTails wholesale sales channel is tailored for businesses looking to provide top-tier pet care products to retailers. This channel allows pet specialty stores, veterinarians, groomers, and other retailers to stock NutriTails products and offer them to their clientele. NutriTails wholesale program provides attractive pricing and support for businesses interested in carrying their products. By partnering with NutriTails as a wholesaler, you can provide your customers with trusted, made-in-the-USA products that service pets' health and well-being.

In select markets, NutriTails international sales channel extends their reach beyond the borders of the United States, enabling pet owners worldwide to benefit from their exceptional products. NutriTails understands that pets deserve the best care regardless of geographic location. With a focus on quality ingredients and manufacturing standards, NutriTails ensures that their products meet international regulations and expectations.

Setting up an Account:
If you are interested in setting up a retail, wholesale, or international sales account with Nutritails, will promptly to assist you. Simply contact and a member of our sales team will be in contact.